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Christian Top News combines lists of breaking headlines and summaries of the stories that matter most to you.

We’re not your typical Christian news site.

In an age where we scroll news and Twitter feeds as quickly as possible, we’re a site that is interested in bringing you the top headlines in Christian news that you need to know to get your day going.

Here at Christian Top News, you’ll get a short list of headlines followed by brief and fresh summaries of what’s happening around the world. We’ll also provide links to full-length credible news stories for those of you wanting to delve deeper into the issues.

We’re passionate about the news.

We understand that the way we consume news is changing, so this model is for you. So you’ll have something to talk about at the watercooler on Friday. So you’ll have a grip on what’s happening. So you’ll be able to pray for this world.

As Christians, we have to be connected and plugged into this world, but not everyone has the time to read a newspaper or the time to plow through tons of headlines online. We’re doing that part for you and hoping to bring you what’s trending and making waves in the world.

Because God loves this world and we need to learn a little bit more about the places we’ve never been or haven’t heard of or don’t understand. Also, this world is here. Our neighbors and community and churches are made up of people from all over, and we’re better equipped to pray and love on them if we stay informed.

We want to be the place you go to for your daily and quick dish of Christian news. Bookmark us. Send us your feedback, and go ahead, scroll away.

The ChristianTopNews.com Team