Bernie Sanders at Liberty University, Christians Killed and Gay Marriage Licences



  1. Bernie Sanders Speaks at Liberty University

By: Taylor Coleman

Sen. Bernie Sanders spoke to a crowd students, faculty and local supporters at Liberty University Sept. 14. Sanders, who is running for the Democratic nomination, spent most of his speech discussing his views on income inequality. After being kindly welcomed by the audience, Sanders acknowledged that although he has different views than the majority of those in attendance, he wanted to seek common. In a question-and-answer session with Vice President for Spiritual Development David Nasser, Sanders was put in the hot seat when questioned about women’s rights. Nasser questioned Sanders on how he can make statements about protecting the welfare of children without protecting the most vulnerable – “the children in the womb.” Sanders defended his stance by stating he feels the real issue is the government’s involvement in a woman’s decision.

  1. Christians Thrown Overboard, Killed by Muslim Immigrants

By: Taylor Coleman

            Muslim immigrants traveling by boat from Libya to Italy killed 12 passengers by throwing them overboard merely because they were Christian. Authorities in Italy arrested 15 passengers on suspicion of murder when the ship docked in Palermo on Wednesday. The group of 105 people were sailing north on the Mediterranean Sea when the Christians were thrown overboard. According to police, the attackers were Muslims from the Ivory Coast, Mali and Senegal. Those who perished were from Ghana and Nigeria. The passengers still on board were transferred to a Panamanian-flagged ship after an Italian navy vessel intercepted the boat.

  1. Same-Sex Marriage Licenses Issued Without Davis’ Signature

By Taylor Frost

Kim Davis, the Kentucky Clerk receiving international attention for refusing to issue marriage licenses to homosexual couples, returned to work Monday after spending five days in jail for refusing to obey a court order commanding her to sign the applications.

Before returning to work Davis stated emphatically she would not sign marriage licenses of same-sex couples because it was against her religious beliefs. According to CNN, same-sex marriage licenses were issued by deputies on Monday. However, Davis’ name and title were not on the newly issued licenses.

  1. The Pope Blames “the god of Money” on Refugee Crisis

By Taylor Frost

Pope Francis stated on a Portuguese radio station that the existing refugee crisis is being caused by “the god of money”.

Currently, refugees are escaping ISIS-overrun countries., and the Pope blames this on a poor socio-economic standing.

As stated by the Catholic New Agency, the Pope believes that humans have been removed from the center of society and replaced with a need for wealth. The interview was ended with the Pope asking for peace because war only creates more immigrants in search of new homes.

  1. Erratic Performance Leads to Tebow’s Release

By Taylor Frost

Tim Tebow was cut from the Philadelphia Eagles 53-man roster Saturday, the latest attempt at a return to the NFL by the former Denver quarterback. Chip Kelly, coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, sent Tebow to pack his bags and suggested he go play for the Canadian football league.

During preseason Tebow’s performance was unpredictable the New York Post states. He performed well at times and then seemed confused at others.

Tebow who is known for sharing his faith and playing NFL Football, will not be on a NFL roster for the third year in a row.


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