Christianity Threatened in Middle East, High School QB Penalized for Prayer, Churches Burned by Arsonists


Edited by Amy E. Bonebright

Report Finds Future of Christianity Highly Threatened

by Taylor Coleman

Christians in the Middle East are continuously facing a live or die situation – convert to Islam or pay with your life. According to a report from the charity Aid to the Church in Need, Christianity may become extinct in the Middle East by 2020. Only 260,000 Christians remain in Iraq, with numbers continually dwindling due to Christian persecution and the rise of ISIS. Archbishop of Aleppo Jean-Clement Jeanbart believes that in the 2,000-year history of Christianity, this genocide is “one of the most important challenges.” “There is a fundamental threat to Christianity from ISIS. There is an existential crisis,” Jeanbart said.

Federal Authorities Join Murder Investigation of Church Musician

by Sarah Rodriguez

The FBI announces it will join an investigation into the death of an African American church musician in Florida. Corey Jones was shot and killed Saturday, Oct. 17, by a plain clothes police officer. The FBI was invited to join the investigation at the request of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office. Jones, who was the drummer in his church’s band, was shot by Officer Nouman Raja on the side of the highway in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Jones’ body was found almost 100 feet from his abandoned car. As of Oct. 23, no video evidence of the incident has been released.

Teenager Gives all Glory to God after being Declared Cancer Free

by Kara Sherrill

A teenager is giving God the glory after being declared cancer free. Josh Martin, who is from Northern Ireland, was diagnosed with cancer in his abdomen last December. His parents and his church launched an online campaign they titled: #prayforjosh. After enduring surgeries and chemotherapy treatments, Josh went back to the hospital to find out he was cancer free. Josh said he had the faith God would heal him even though he occasionally had doubts. His parents shared the good news using the #prayforjosh hashtag on their church’s Facebook page.

High School Quarterback Penalized for Praising God after Touchdown

by Paul Vandenbosch

A New York high school quarterback was penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct after pointing his finger to the sky after scoring a 73-yard touchdown. Dante Turo, the quarterback at Mexico High School, ran in for the score and briefly raised his finger to the sky to give thanks to God. A referee promptly threw a flag, and the 17-year-old was penalized for excessive celebration. Turo’s father, Geno, said that he raised his son to honor God after making a big play on the field. League officials declined to comment on the matter.

7 Churches Burned by Suspected Arsonist

by Matt Pierce and Quinn Foley

Seven churches in St. Louis have burned in suspected arson in the span of two weeks. “Whoever this person is, they’ve picked a fight they can’t win,” St. Louis Metropolitan Police Chief Sam Dotson said. Over the past two weeks, seven churches in predominantly African-American areas have burned to the ground, and some are suggesting the fires might be racially motivated.


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