Pew Study: E-vangelism – 20% of Christians Share Faith Online and 45% in Person


Here’s what you need to know in Christian news for Nov. 10:

20% of U.S. Christians Share Faith Online, 40+% in person

A Pew Research Center report said that many Americans are sharing their religious briefs online.

The report, conducted May 30 to June 30, said that 20 percent of U.S. adults reported that they shared their faith on social networking sites or apps sometimes during the week.

Others, about twice as many, say they shared their faith in real life.

Greg Smith, the Associate Director of Research on the study, told HuffPost that the researchers did not identify what “sharing” could entail.

“It could include a wide range of interactions, such as offering a prayer or blessing, quoting from scripture or describing a religious experience, to mention only a few possibilities,” Smith said.

Also, according to the survey, 59 percent of white evangelicals shared their faith in real life.

North Korean Missionary Prisoner Released

Kenneth Bae, the American missionary imprisoned in North Korea, has been freed.

Bae was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor in North Korea after he was arrested in November 2012. Reportedly, Bae made trips to North Korea to help orphaned children.

“The most plausible scenario I can think of is that he took some pictures of the orphans, and the North Korean authorities considered that an act of anti-North Korean propaganda,” said Do Hee-youn of the Citizens’ Coalition for the Human Rights of North Korean Refugees.

Bae is on his way home.

“We are grateful to director of national intelligence Clapper, who engaged on behalf of the United States in discussions with DPRK authorities about the release of two citizens,” the State Department wrote in a statement on Saturday.“We also want to thank our international partners, especially our protecting power, the government of Sweden, for their tireless efforts to help secure the freedom of Mr. Bae and Mr. Miller.”

Chinese Pastor Threatened With Losing House

Nanle County government authorities are threatening to auction off a Christian Church pastor’s home if he doesn’t pay a fine for “disrupting public order.”

Zhang Shaojie was sentenced for gathering a crowd to disrupt public order. He was fined about $114,000 and sentenced to 12 years in prison.

Last week, authorities released a public notice, saying that would sell Shaojie’s house if he did not pay the fine.

Shaojie’s family, including his 80-year-old father, Zhang Wenqiang, 78-year-old mother, disabled wife, youngest daughter, and son-in-law all live in the house and will be homeless if the notice is fulfilled.

PETA Requests “Eden Food” in Bible Museum

PETA is asking Bible museum chairman Steve Green to consider serving only “Eden food,” that is, vegan food, in the museum’s restaurant.

The Bible museum is about to start construction in Washington, D.C.

According to PETA, Eden was vegan.

Read the rest of their proposal here.


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