Faith closely tied to Scalia memories; Calif. pregnancy centers fight new state law; Evangelicals a big part of Saturday’s South Carolina primary


SCOTUS Justice Antonin Scalia legacy includes his faith

Saturday’s news of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s death at a hunting ranch in Texas has allowed many to pause and reflect on his legacy – both in and out of the highest court in the land.

Scalia was Roman Catholic and was just as adamant about his faith as he was about his majority and dissenting opinions.

CA pregnancy centers fight being forced to inform clients on abortion

The Alliance Defending Freedom is leading the charge for California pregnancy centers fighting a new state law requiring them to share abortion options with their clientele; ADF met the state in court for a Jan. 28 hearing.

California’s law challenges First Amendment rights by requiring pregnancy centers, who have a mission of walking alongside women in crisis pregnancies and helping them choose life, to post and share information about low-cost abortions.

Democratic candidates Sanders and Clinton speak at Las Vegas church

Though she was there first, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders addressed the Las Vegas African-American church crowd first during Sunday’s service, while candidate Hillary Clinton was seated and waiting.

Victory Missionary Baptist Church hosted the two candidates for the morning service, with each courting the African-American vote ahead of next week’s Nevada caucus. Clinton also brought civil rights leader Rep. John Lewis (GA) who told the crowd Clinton is ready to fight.

South Carolina evangelicals heavily targeted in tight GOP nominee race

“Evangelicals are going to be the get for South Carolina,” Dr. Scott Huffman, a political science professor at Winthrop University, said, as the candidates focus on the final days leading up Saturday’s primary vote.

As much as 57 percent of the vote will come from those identifying as evangelical in South Carolina, and their vote will be a true test of candidate Donald Trump’s ability to appeal to Christian voters.

Doritos’ Super Bowl commercial revives national conversation about life in the womb

To many watching Super Bowl 50, a Doritos commercial featuring a dad obnoxiously munching on the tortilla chips while his soon-to-deliver wife has an ultrasound seemed benign in the realm of that night’s commercials.

But to the judgmental eye of the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League, the commercial confirmed a pro-life stance by “humanizing fetuses,” and the group took to Twitter to express continuing displeasure.

Since the Feb. 7 airing of the ad, many Christians and religious groups have used the backlash about the ad to reignite the conversation regarding a baby’s life.


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