Carson Hits Back at Cruz; Obama visits mosque; “Fixer Upper” couple has Christian draw; new PP video released


Evangelicals split as Carson hits back at Cruz campaign

Some bad information initially spread by a journalist’s unclear Tweet led GOP candidate Ted Cruz’s staff to urge especially those religious Iowa voters Monday to switch from candidate Ben Carson to Cruz.

And now, after Carson announced he is NOT leaving the campaign trail, faith-based voters find themselves still split as the two campaigns hash out bad feelings and wrong doings, complete with an apology straight from Cruz himself via CNN.

Carson, however, believes the Cruz campaign played “dirty tricks,” and Carson, who has emphasized his moral values throughout his politicking, likened the Cruz information blunder to politics as usual.

President Obama visits Baltimore Mosque

Using a broader brush of religious tolerance, President Barack Obama visited and spoke at the Islamic Society of Baltimore, capturing the crowd’s attention by referencing the fear he’s heard from Muslims-Americans in how they’ll be accepted and treated by other Americans. According to the Associated Press, Obama told the crowd:


At least one Muslim women’s rights activist responded to the president’s speech with disappointment, noting that even mosque access is unequal where the president appeared

HGTV’s “Fixer Upper” couple has foundation of faith as show gains popularity

Chip and Joanna Gaines show “Fixer Upper” on HGTV is leading the way in ratings coming off the season premiere in January for the Home and Garden network, and many Christians find the wholesome family and their fun style appealing.

Although faith is seamlessly integrated into the show in less obvious ways, a quick Google search for “Joanna Gaines testimony” reveals a video quickly approaching 4.5 million views where the fashionable decorator gives her testimony in a short four minute video.

Will three sets of genes be used to create babies in the future?

Using genetics from two women and a man to create new life may not be so far off now that one group has given its ethical blessing because of medical benefits.

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine released its report “Mitochondrial Replacement Techniques: Ethical, Social, and Policy Considerations” Wednesday, Feb. 3, outlining its research into the ethics surrounding removal of mitochondrial DNA that gets passed from mother to child and leads to a host of health problems.

The Food and Drug Administration responded to its commissioned report by saying federal law restricts research on unborn babies in the United States, which would greatly hamper the applied aspects of this research.

New undercover Planned Parenthood exposure video released

The Center for Medical Progress released another undercover video Tuesday, Feb. 2, that shines some light on questionable accounting practices for selling aborted infant tissue.

The Gulf Coast Planned Parenthood director of research openly discussed common invoicing practices for the babies’ tissue, describing how she worked with two different levels of invoicing where Planned Parenthood received payment for the human tissue.

The video comes on the heels of a surprise indictment for previous videos from the Center for Medical Progress’ leaders, David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt. Merritt submitted herself to Texas authorities Wednesday, Feb. 3, and was released on $2,000 bond immediately. Daleiden will appear in a Texas courtroom Thursday, Feb. 4, for a bond hearing.


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