Islamic Worship At National Cathedral, Pope Francis Against Abortion, Stem Cell Research and Euthanasia, Atheists Sue


Here’s what you need to know in Christian News for Nov. 18:

National Cathedral in Washington Hosts Muslim Prayers

Last week, the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. opened its doors to a Muslim religious service for the first time.

The service happened Friday.

Rizwan Jaka, spokesman for the ADAMS mosque in Sterling, Va., said: “We want the world to see the Christian community is partnering with us and is supporting our religious freedom in the same way we are calling for religious freedom for all minorities in Muslim countries. Let this be a lesson to the world.”

Man Sues Prison For Lack of Access to Religious Recognition

A federal district judge in Indiana has ruled that a 52-year-old man can continue to legally battle the Indiana Department of Corrections for a right to recognize his religion.

Dolen W. Glenn is asking for the right to practice Eastern Orthodox Christianity, a religion that the prison system doesn’t recognize.

“He also alleges that he has been denied access to Eastern Orthodox services, communion, and confession, and to other religious items such as prayer rope, icons, alter, Bible, Prayer book, cross, prayer rug, candle, incense, holy water, holy oil, holy writing, and kosher food,” the court documents said.

Glenn has been in prison since 1992. He was convicted of sexually molesting two boys, 9 and 15.

Pope Francis Against Abortion, Stem Cell Research and Euthanasia

Pope Francis said late last week that abortion, embryonic stem cell research and euthanasia are “playing with life” and “a sin against God.”

“We are living in a time of experimentation with life. But a bad experiment,” the pope told members of the Association of Italian Catholic Doctors at the Vatican on Nov. 15.

“This is playing with life,” he said of in vitro fertilization. “Be careful, because this is a sin against the Creator: against God the Creator, who created things this way.”

Secular Organization Demands Ban on Creationism in Public Schools

A secular organization is demanding that Scotland’s Parliament ban the teaching of biblical creation in all public schools.

The Scottish Secular Society (SSS), an organization in Scotland that supports and “further(s) the cause of secularism,” was founded by Garry Otton.

“As a secularist, I hate religion and feel I have every right to,” Otton wrote on the SSS website.

In a petition filed in September, the SSS asked the Scottish Parliament to “to bar the presentation in Scottish publicly funded schools of separate creation and of Young Earth doctrines as viable alternatives to the established science of evolution, common descent, and deep time.”

David Robertson, minister at the evangelical St. Peter’s Free Church in Scotland, said the petition is an attack on Christianity.

“The Scottish Secular Society is so terrified that children might be infected by the idea that God the creator actually had something to do with creation that they are asking politicians to decide what should be taught in science lessons,” Robertson said.


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