Mormon Church Pens LGBT Policy; Tebow Surprised Students; HOA Tells Homeowner to Remove Christmas Lights; Are Christians Really Upset over Starbucks?


Edited by Amy E. Bonebright

New Mormon Church Policy Regarding LGBT

by Matt Pierce

In what is now known as Handbook 1 from the Mormon church, members in same-sex marriages are considered apostates. The policy, which is a guide for lay leaders in the Mormon Church,  also says those members’ children will be stripped from church membership and kept from baptism unless their homosexual parents disavow their unions.

“While it respects the law of the land, and acknowledges the right of others to think and act differently, it does not perform or accept same-sex marriage within it’s membership,” Eric Hawkins, a Mormon church spokesperson, said in a statement.

The policy was shared online by a Mormon podcaster, John Dehlin, who the church excommunicated earlier this year. Mormon church’s official’s said that he was driving others away from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Tim Tebow surprises UK Christian fellowship group

by Quinn Foley

Former Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow made an appearance at a Halloween party at the end of October to hang out with some Christian college students, according to the Christian Post. Tebow and the co-hosts of his ESPN show “SEC Nation” came in costume to the party, hosted by students from the University of Kentucky Christian Student Fellowship. Tebow dressed up as a member of a SWAT team and took pictures with the students. Although the party was strictly fun, Tebow continues to speak at churches on religious topics like faith and life.

Attack on Christmas at the coffee shop?

by Sarah Rodriguez

This year for the holiday season, Starbucks has decided to remove its “symbols of the season” used in previous years. The “symbols of the season” in the past included reindeer, snowflakes and ornaments. This year, Starbucks opted for a simple, solid red design. Leading the charge, though it’s not clear many are following, is viral vlogger Joshua Feuerstein, who posted an outraged video online, criticizing the company for “hating Jesus.” In response to the video, Starbucks said it works “to create a culture of belonging, inclusion and diversity.”

Study shows religious Americans are declining in numbers

By: Taylor Coleman

In a new survey on faith in the United States, the number of Americans who are “absolutely certain” God exists decreased by 8 percent in less than a decade, but overall religion in America remains strong. According to the Pew Research Center’s Religious Landscape Study, Americans in general have become slightly less religious in the past few years. In a data release from last May, the researchers found that U.S. adults who do not affiliate with religion are the second-largest group in total numbers behind evangelicals. However, the study found that the number of evangelicals rose to 62 million people, one-fourth of the American population. Approximately 60 percent of those who are religious said they attend church at least one to two times a month, a statistic that has not changed much since 2007.The telephone survey was conducted from June 4 through Sept. 30 of 2014.

Homeowners association asks man to take down Christmas display

by Paul Vandenbosch

An Idaho homeowners association has demanded that a man take down his extensive Christmas display. Jeremy Morris, 22, puts up an annual Christmas display that includes a choir and a nativity scene, and people travel from all over to see his decorations. When he began installing his decorations in October, the West Hayden Estates First Addition Homeowners Association sent him a letter concerning the legality of his display. He then received a letter from an attorney saying that if he did not remove the display then a lawsuit would be filed. Morris said he will fight the request since he is doing this primarily to raise money for charities.



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