Pope Francis Names New Diverse Cardinals, Nigerians Guards Attack Christians, Atheist Artist Calls God “Black Woman”


Here’s what you need to know in Christian News for Jan. 5:

Pope Names New Cardinals to Reflect Diversity

Pope Francis named 15 new cardinals this week.

The new cardinals span 14 nations, reflecting the changing makeup of the church.

Cape Verde, Tonga and Myanmar each gained cardinals for the first time. Others came from Europe, Asia and Latin America. None came from the United States.

Francis said Sunday that the new cardinals “show the inseparable tie with the church of Rome to churches in the world.”

Nigerian Soldiers Attack Christians

Christians in Nigeria’s Plateau State said that soldiers who were meant to protect them actually started shooting at the Christian residents.

The Christian survivors were part of a Jan. 6 attack that killed 33 Christians. The attack came from Muslim Fulani herdsman. Then, soldiers, who were stationed to protect the village, also started attacking.

“The soldiers stationed in the village to protect us joined the Fulani herdsmen in shooting, and in the process most of our people were killed,” said Antele Alamba, who was shot in the leg.

She added, “I was shot by soldiers I ran to for protection. We were all trapped in the village as there was no way of escape for us. We ran to the premises of the church, and some soldiers followed us there. They were shooting, and the herdsmen were shooting too. It was chaos and confusion everywhere.”

Jewish Atheist Artist Causes Controversy Over T-Shirt

A Jewish atheist is causing controversy with his T-shirt and posters that say, “I Met God, She’s Black.”

Dylan Chenfield said he’s placed posters all over Manhattan during the past few days.

“I like poking fun at sacred cows,” Chenfield told HuffPost. “I’m taking the idea that God is a white male and doing the opposite of that, which is a black woman.”

Chenfield said that, compared to the other members of his family, he has always been one to ask questions about God.

“Sometimes when you get really religious, it becomes sexist and that’s when I tap out,” Chenfield says. “And that’s why I’ve never been a super religious person.”

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