Prayer Breakfast unites; Phoenix City Council caves; Driscoll announces new church; Tebow ready to mingle


President, house speaker, minority leader come together at National Prayer Breakfast

The 64th annual National Prayer Breakfast became a platform for a range of political speakers this year with President Barack Obama telling the audience fear can be cured with faith, House Speaker Paul Ryan emphasizing the importance of prayer in culture, and Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi reading from the book of John.

GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson returned to the breakfast Thursday. Three years ago, Carson rose to fame with his keynote address for the event. Heisman Trophy winner Derrick Henry from the University of Alabama gave the closing prayer Thursday and struck a Heisman pose with the president.

Phoenix submits to pressure, does away with opening prayer

By a one-vote margin, Phoenix City Council voted Wednesday, Feb. 3, to remove opening prayer from its meetings, opting to begin with the standard silent moment.

The decision comes just in time to nix the Satanic Temple followers from starting the Feb. 17 meeting with its own words, but was also surprising for residents who thought only the Satanic address would be disregarded, not the traditional opening prayer.

Christians are among the happiest people, according to survey

Survey data released Tuesday, Feb. 2, affirms what many religious people assume is true – Christians of all denominations report the highest levels of life happiness and satisfaction.

Over 300,000 United Kingdom residents were surveyed and asked to respond to questions regarding national well-being and personal well-being. Results were compiled from three year’s worth of data. Lowest happiness scores were reported in middle-age adults, beginning at 45 years old and continuing for about 10 years.

Tebow talks dating, Super Bowl on Ellen DeGeneres show

Good news ladies, Tim Tebow is single. Not so fast, though – he’s looking for more than just hot arm candy. The former NFL quarterback, who’s never been shy about his faith (video), told Ellen on her show Wednesday, Feb. 3, he’s looking for a girl with depth and similar beliefs.

Tebow also told (video) Ellen he’s rooting for his old team, the Denver Broncos, in this weekend’s Super Bowl. He added that if the right opportunity comes his way, he’d love to get back on the football field.


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