Survey Shows 23% of Pastors Suffer From Mental Illnesses, Saudis Stop Religious Social Media, Thieves Preying by Praying


Here’s what you need to know in Christian News for Dec. 17:

Survey Shows 23% of Pastors Suffer from Some Mental Illness

In a new post from Ed Stetzer, he says that a survey found that 23 percent of pastors struggle with some kind of mental illness.

“Actually, as I see it, there seems to be only a couple of places where pastors regularly and safely share,” he wrote. “The first way they share is when they are in a prominent role where it is safe to say they struggle because they’ve already achieved their ministry goals. The second way is in writing after-the-fact, often after they have retired or stepped out of ministry.

“What is a lot less common among pastors is sharing the struggle while going through it,” he said.

Saudi Arabia Shuts Down 10,000 Twitter Accounts for Religious Violations

More than 10,000 Twitter accounts in Saudi Arabia have been shut down this year by the religious police because of “religious and ethical violations.”

The Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, also called the Haia, is in charge of the religious police, or Mutaween.

Spokesman Turki Al-Shulail said: “Their users were committing religious and ethical violations. Haia blocked and arrested some of their owners. However, it was hard to follow all the accounts due to the advanced security used in this kind of social media.”

“The IT crime department at Haia played a major role to close these accounts,” Al-Shilail said. “Our unit is divided into two sections: The first receives reports and complaints from citizens and residents and the second one monitors and does follow-up operations through websites and software applications.”

Japanese Town Claims to House the Tomb of Jesus Christ

A small Japanese village is claiming that the tomb of Jesus Christ is in their small town of Shingo.

According to the Takenouchi Documents, Jesus switched places with a younger brother before being crucified. Jesus escaped with a lock of Mary’s hair and the ear of one of his brothers. He traveled to Japan and settled in Shingo and married and had three children.

Thieves Pretending to Pray with People To Rob Them

The Paulding County Sheriff’s Office in Atlanta is warning people about scammers pretending to pray with people in stores and then robbing them.

“This is happening at stores all across the metro Atlanta area and has occurred at the Hiram Wal-Mart,” the post said.

“A female suspect usually strikes up a conversation with a female patron in the store. After a few minutes, the suspect then asks the patron to pray with them, once the patron bows their head, another female suspect comes in and steals that person’s cash and credit cards out of their purse.”

WSB-TV said two women captured on surveillance video may be responsible for similar thefts in Paulding, Douglas and Cobb counties.


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