Tebow surprises; “Duck Dynasty” patriarch blasts gay marriage; Palestinians Slams Airbnb rentals in West Bank


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Tebow to appear on “Lip Sync Battle” Thursday

Known for his prominent Christian testimony, former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow will step out of his norm and join the television show “Lip Sync Battle” Thursday, Feb. 4, for a performance designed to show off his physique more than his testimony.

The Spike cable network is home to the show, which pits two celebrities in a song-and-dance contest. Tebow will dance and lip sync to “Eye of the Tiger” while performing training moves reminiscent of the Rocky movies. Want a preview? Here’s the video.

Duck Dynasty patriarch touts Cruz, proclaims collapse of American morals

GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz captured the Iowa caucus vote Monday night, coming off a time spent campaigning with Phil Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” television fame.

Robertson verbally hammered Biblical principles around traditional marriage while on the stump with Cruz, telling the crowd:

“When a fellow like me looks at the landscape and sees the depravity, the perversion – redefining marriage and telling us that marriage is not between a man and a woman? Come on Iowa!”

Gaining support from religious voters was part of Cruz’s Iowa efforts, which lead to victory in Iowa.

Is there a divide amongst political evangelicals?

Presidential candidate Donald Trump has brought to public light a split in evangelicals, where so-called “populist evangelicals” align with different presidential candidates than their evangelical leaders.

Many “populist evangelicals” have aligned themselves with Trump’s campaign, much to the chagrin of many of their evangelical leaders. Can both sides be correct in how they choose a presidential candidate? Writer Jonathan Merritt takes an in-depth look at this divide in “The Atlantic.”

Airbnb under fire for housing in the West Bank

Fighting over land has long been a part of the Israeli-Palestinian relationship, and now that fight has highlighted web pages of travel sites like Airbnb and TripAdvisor. With over 400,000 Jewish settlers in the West Bank, the Middle Eastern economic staple of tourism has increased thanks to website booking options, like this one.

But Palestinian leaders expressed deep concern that renting out of Jewish homes in the West Bank breaks international law, and they wrote a strong a letter of dissatisfaction to Airbnb’s president, warning that its company was promoting Israeli occupation of the fought-over land. For now, the fight continues to wage in both the political and tourism arena.

Is pornography a public health crisis? This Utah state senator says ‘yes’

Utah is at the forefront of online pornography consumption, and the problem must be addressed through public means, says one state Senator. A 2009 study showed Utah’s residents consumed more online porn than other states’ residents, a shock to many who see Utah and the Mormon culture synonymously.

And now, state Senator Todd Weiler has introduced a resolution seeking to raise awareness in the areas of “education, prevention, research, and policy change…” Weiler wants the Utah legislature to join him in declaring a “public health hazard.”


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