U2’s Bono Writes Poem to Billy Graham, Megachurch Leaves Denomination


Here’s what you need to know in news for Sept. 16:

#1: A poem from Bono to Rev. Billy Graham has surfaced.

In the 2002 letter, Bono writes that Graham was an important figure in his life.

The hand-written poem is on display at the Billy Graham Library in North Carolina.

The poem says, “the voice of a preacher/loudly soft on my tears” which was the “lyric voice that gave my life/A Rhyme/a meaning that wasn’t there before.”

#2: Day of the Sick draws in 5,000

The annual “Day for the Sick” in Sri Lanka drew more than 5,000 for the healing service.

This is the 67th year for the healing and blessing service held near Colombo.

Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith of Colombo led the special service held in late August.

“There is no point in pleading to God if we are leading a life of duplicity,” Cardinal Ranjith advised those attending the healing service during his homily.

#3: Texas church will need to pay to leave Presbyterian church

A Dallas megachurch has until early November to pay $7.8 million to officially leave the Presbyterian Church and still keep its property.

In 2013, most of the congregation at Highland Park  Presbyterian voted to leave the denomination and join the more conservative Evangelical Covenant Order of Presbyterians.

The church had filed a lawsuit against Grace Presbytery, a governing body of Texas Presbyterian churches. The church then decided to settle and pay the nearly $8 million.

#4: Ray Liotta starring in faith-based movie

Faith-based move “The Identical” is in theaters now.

The movie stars Ray Liotta, Ashley Judd and Seth Green and focuses on a young man with musical talent who has an identical brother who is a rock star that he doesn’t know about.

Liotta stars as a preacher and father of the main character.

“There was a script that my agent told me they were sending to me,” Liotta said. “I had gone to bed and forgot that it was outside. I woke up in the middle of the night, I remembered the script was outside, I said, ‘Let me go get the script’ because I didn’t want the sprinklers to get it wet. I couldn’t fall back asleep, so I said, ‘Why don’t I just look at this and see if it grabs me.’”


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