Chick-fil-A Founder Dies, Pope Francis Pushes Peace


Here’s what you need to know in news for Sept. 9:

#1: Founder of Chick-fil-A restaurant chain dies

Truett Cathy, the founder of the Chick-fil-A chain died Monday. He was 93.

“I was not so committed to financial success that I was willing to abandon my principles and priorities,” Cathy once said. “Our decision to close on Sunday was our way of honoring God and of directing our attention to things that mattered more than our business.”

The company announced Cathy’s death, which came at 1:35 a.m.

Mel Blackaby, senior pastor of the Atlanta-area First Baptist Church in Jonesboro, said he was “perhaps the most gracious Christian man I have ever known, and it was a privilege to be his pastor.”

“Having taught eighth-grade boys Sunday School class for 52 years, he chose to invest his life in the next generation of leaders,” Blackaby said in a statement to The Christian Index of the Georgia Baptist Convention. “Everywhere I go, I meet leaders with a smile on their face who say, ‘I am one of Truett’s boys!’

#2: Pope Francis petition for peace

In his weekly Sunday address, Pope Francis asked for peace in Ukraine and Lesotho.

He said he hoped that the people in the Ukraine might find peace. At least 2,600 have been killed in Ukraine since fighting started earlier this year.

He also asked that the African country of Lesotho also find peace.

“I condemn every act of violence,” he said, “and pray to Our Lord that peace, rooted in justice and brotherhood, can be restored in the Kingdom of Lesotho.”

#3: Charisma pulls “hateful piece” on Islam

Christian news outlet Charisma News has taken down a post that Twitter users and others called “hateful.”

Last Friday, Charisma News published “Why I Am Absolutely Islamaphobic,” by Gary Cass. In the post, Cass says that ISIS is “doing to American journalists what every true follower of Mohammed wants to do to you and yours; subjugate or murder you.”

Cass said in the column that there are  “three possible solutions” to “deal” with Muslims: conversion, deportation or violence.

“The only thing that is biblical and that 1,400 years of history has shown to work is overwhelming Christian just war and overwhelming self defense,” he wrote. “We must be prepared for the increase of terror at home and abroad. This is not irrational, but the loving thing we must do for our children and neighbors. First trust in God, then obtain a gun(s), learn to shoot, teach your kids the Christian doctrines of just war and self defense, create small cells of family and friends that you can rely on if some thing catastrophic happens and civil society suddenly melts down.”

#4: Former pro football player becomes preacher

Former St. Louis Rams player Aeneas Williams is now the pastor of Spirit Church, a congregation in Ferguson, Missouri.

The 46-year-old pastor started his 14-year NFL career with the Phoenix Cardinals in 1991 and was then traded to the Rams in 2001. He retired after the 2004 season and settled in St. Louis.  He then turned down a coaching position with the Rams to work in ministry.

“Some people say you got to be a Christian to know God talks to you,” Williams said. “No! God is talking to us all the time. So I’m telling you pay attention to the signs God’s giving you.”



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