Navy Bibles, National Prayer, Fighting ISIS…


Here’s what you need to know in news for Sept. 8:

#1: Christian group asking Pentagon to allow bibles in Navy lodges

A group of Christian leaders are asking the Pentagon to consider allowing Gideon Bibles in Navy lodges after the books were pulled from the buildings.

The bibles were removed after the Freedom from Religion Foundation sent a letter to the Navy Exchange Service Command saying that the Bibles in the lodges were unconstitutional. The bibles were then removed, but then last month, a Navy spokesperson said that NEXCOM did not consult senior officials about removing the bibles.

“The mere presence of a Gideon Bible in a hotel room does not constitute a form of messaging from the proprietor to the guest,” the letter to the Pentagon said. “In the same way that no one is coerced into watching a religious television channel simply because it is available as a choice in most cable television packages, no visitor to a Navy lodge is coerced into reading a Bible simply because it is present in a night stand.”

#2: National Days of Prayer and Remembrance takes place over weekend

Sept. 5-7 was declared National Days of Prayer and Remembrance by President Obama as the nation prepares for the 13th anniversary of 9/11.

“Each year as our Nation mourns, our faith restores us and summons within us the sense of common purpose we rediscovered after the attacks,” President Obama said in a statement. Prayer and humble reflection carry us forward on the path we travel together, helping mend deep wounds still sore from loss. These lasting virtues sustain us not just for one day, but every day.”

#3: Minnesota food truck not just a food truck

Shobi’s Table in St. Paul, Minnesota serves free hand pies once a week to the poor and homeless in the city.

Shobi’s Table is a food truck and mobile ministry that parks in what is known as a “racially diverse” area of St. Paul.

“[Lutherans] are gentle evangelists,” Margaret Kelly, pastor of Shobi’s Table, said. “We’re not asking people to take Jesus as their personal savior. God is calling people to us to be in relationship to us.”

Shobi’s Table served its first meal on April 17.

#4: John Kerry asking for coalition of nations to stop ISIS

Secretary of State John Kerry and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel are asking 10 nations to form a collation to keep Islamic State terrorists from causing more violence and devastation.

Kerry recently met with leaders from France, Australia, Germany, Canada and other countries in hopes of forming the group.

“We have the technology, we have the know-how,” Kerry said. “What we need is obviously the willpower to make sure that we are steady and stay at this.”



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