Trump supports funding Planned Parenthood; University employee threatens pro-life students; South Dakota one step closer to addressing transgender bathroom issues

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Trump clarifies his Planned Parenthood support – will it satisfy his supporters?

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump reiterated his support for federal funding of Planned Parenthood in Saturday night’s Republican debate in South Carolina, and his opponents are hitting him hard for being outside the party’s pro-life platform.

Trump hit back with a lengthy Facebook post reaffirming his pro-life – with exceptions – stance, but it’ll be up to the South Carolina voters in Saturday’s open primary, which is expected to be heavy turnout for evangelicals, many of which say they’re supporting Trump.

Let me be clear—I am pro-life. I support that position with exceptions allowed for rape, incest or the life of the…

Posted by Donald J. Trump on Tuesday, February 16, 2016

University employee resigns after rape threat to school’s pro-life students

A male Purdue University employee has resigned after threatening on social media to rape pro-life students. In a statement from Purdue, the university called his Facebook post “obnoxious rhetoric” and said “a threat of rape is outside the bounds of any definition of protected speech.”

Students at the university held a rally after the university seemed to be clearing the employee of any wrongdoing, but after consulting with its legal team, Purdue demanded an apology, which the employee refused to provide.

Boko Haram takes a hit after military takes back town housing bomb factories

Cameroonian and Nigerian special forces joined together to free about 100 Boko Haram captives and seize control of a town where at least four bomb-making factories were for the militant Islamist group, according to Cameroon’s government.

Meanwhile, a report from Unicef’s International Alert shows the major difficulties Boko Haram’s freed female captives face when trying to re-integrate into their hometowns, with many being ostracized from friends and family. The report, detailed in The New York Times, says around 2,000 women and children have been taken by the Muslim group since 2012.

South Dakota legislature passes bill requiring bathroom usage based on birth gender

The governor of South Dakota has on his desk the nation’s first bill challenging bathroom and locker room usage by students identifying as the opposite gender. South Dakota’s American Civil Liberties Union has mounted fierce opposition, telling lawmakers the state’s reputation and economic future could hang in the balance.

One state senator said the bill would “preserve the innocence of our young people.” The bill awaits approval or veto from the governor.


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